I thought the tour was very well managed last year. I had never played in an amateur golf tour before, but the EWT Orlando really exceeded my expectations. The competition, courses, and camaraderie made each tournament, including the Nationals, a complete pleasure to play. It looks like 2004 is going to be a record year and I'm excited to be involved in the best tour in Central Florida!
Matt Murphy

As a player I am very grateful for the work you dedicate towards the Edwin Watts tour. I can't imagine anyone else could build and run the operation as well as you do. You continually do a great job and make it enjoyable for us players. It is successful for all of us, and your work is so instrumental in that success.
Brian Southmayd

When Mike started with the Edwin Watts Tour, he originally had in mind that it would help him sharpen his skills by playing in a competitive environment. He learned what it's like to play against equally and better qualified players. However, we never really expected to become acquainted with such a wonderful group of people.
Rose Waters

Thanks for your hard work. I was very impressed with the tour organization and quality of the events and courses, and am looking forward to next year. My only regret is that I had to miss so many events.
Steve Hyden

A first class operation!
Mike McKeon

I truly appreciate all of your efforts in organizing the Edwin Watts tour and facilitating our participation in the National Tournament. I am already looking forward to next season
Brian Mack

I just wanted to say thank-you for putting on a first class golf tournament. Although I was only able to play in 2 events they were wonderful. I look forward to next year and I plan on playing many more events.
Todd Meeks

Tom, I just wanted to write you congratulating you on a fantastic job on the tournaments this year. You and Bob have made this a very enjoyable golfing experience this spring. I tell all of my golfing buddies about the tour. I think that the word is spreading fast.
Kris Kinnear

I thoroughly enjoyed the two events I played in and I look forward to becoming a full time member in 2004!! I think you and your staff run a wonderful tour.
Jeff Virsik

I enjoyed the VERY professional way you handled this Tour
Pat Gray

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